ARPA Fall Conference 2013

ArPA Sponsors its First Diversity Conference

“Cultural Competence and Diversity:  Clinical Training for

Multi-Cultural Population


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Thank you ArPA!


These are just some of the comments made by attendees at ArPA’s First Diversity Conference presented at the 2013 Fall Convention on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.  This year’s two day conference was packed with information designed to educate and equip clinicians, academicians and students to provide services to an evolving multicultural population in Arkansas.  The conference focused on issues of diversity and cultural competence in providing mental/behavioral health services in Arkansas.


Thursday morning’s presenter was Dr. Jessica Henderson Daniel, ABPP, Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Director of Training in Psychology at Children’s Hospital in Boston and past chair of the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Psychologists.  Dr. Daniel has received numerous awards, is active in a number of APA Divisions, served on the Council of Representatives and was a member of the APA Finance Committee. Dr. Henderson Daniel’s presentation was entitled, “The Danger of a Single Story – Expanding Perceptions and Knowledge about Groups of Persons.”  Through social media she portrayed the danger of conceptualizing clinical work with African Americans from a single perspective and examined the importance of becoming knowledgeable about heterogeneity in the Black community.


Thursday afternoon’s presentation featured a panel of Arkansas psychologists who discussed cultural competence in providing mental health services to the Latino community.  The topic, “Clinical Implications for Treatment of Latino, Bi-Racial and Bi-Ethnic Populations,” was presented by Dr. Marcela Johnston with Behavioral Management Systems, Dr. Lisa Linson with the VA Healthcare System, Dr. Ana Bridges, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Arkansas and Dr. Nick Rios, with Behavior Management Systems.  Detailed information was presented related to cultural factors in working with the Latino community, research findings that dispelled myths of working with this population, factors impacting bi-racial individuals in treatment and the introduction of an integrated behavioral health model of treatment that has been initiated in Northwest Arkansas.


Dr. Paul Wachtel was Friday’s presenter and is a Distinguished Professor at City University of New York.  Dr. Wachtel has written extensively and conducted workshops on the interactive processes of culture and effective psychotherapy practices.  On Thursday evening Dr. Wachtel lectured to a community gathering at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Services.  The topic of Thursday night’s lecture was “Race Relations:  Vicious Circles, Virtuous Circles and the Path Toward Resolution.”  The full-day lecture on Friday, “Ethnicity, Theoretical Orientation, Scientist or Practitioner:  Transcending Our Divisions and Incorporating Our Separate Strengths and Contributions,” provided an opportunity to reframe the way we conceptualize diversity, and examined the convergences between psychodynamic interpretations and cognitive behavioral methods of treatment.


ArPA is committed to providing resources and workshops to assist its members and clinicians in the community to develop cultural competency to work with Arkansas’ multi-cultural community.  Please submit topics for future programming to the ArPA office at,  Special thanks for sponsoring for this year’s conference are extended to the Office of Diversity at UCA and APA’s Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs.

Written by Pat Griffen, PhD