Calling Businesses for Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards


The Arkansas Psychological Association is sponsoring the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award (PHWA) to recognize organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to programs and policies that foster employee health and well-being, as well as organizational performance. The award program is supported by the American Psychological Association.

Winners will be:
 Featured in the media
 Honored at special award events
 Recognized by community leaders
 Nominated for national recognition

Work stress and family issues can affect an employee’s ability to cope and be productive in the workplace. Work stress may lead to absenteeism, higher health care costs, turnover and lost productivity, all of which impact a company’s bottom line. An organization that recognizes these issues and strives to address them not only helps its employees but also helps itself. When workers can manage stress and balance their work and their life, the functioning and performance of both the employees and the organization are improved.

If your organization has programs or policies to address the following issues, it is eligible to apply for an award:
 Employee involvement
 Health and safety
 Employee growth and development
 Work-life balance
 Employee recognition

To apply for an award go to the following website: On the home page at the top right click on the tab “The Awards” read additional information about the awards program. To initiate the application click on the “Apply for Awards” tab. Once you have completed the Main Application, you will be contacted by Dr. Joyce Fowler, Chair of the PHWA program for Arkansas, to help walk you through the three step process in competing for the award.

The deadline for initiating your application is May 1, 2016.

If you have questions, contact:
Joyce Fowler, Ph.D.
Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award (PHWA) Committee Chair
Phone: 501-664-6632