APA Independent Review

This page is a list of relevant stories, press releases and information to keep Arkansas psychologists and the general public up-to-date on APA’s Independent review and their subsequent actions to address the Hoffman Report.


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How is ArPA Responding to APA’s Independent Review?

Dear ArPA Membership The Arkansas Psychological Association (ArPA) Executive Committee and the Board of Directors met Friday Afternoon, July 17th, to discuss the APA’s Independent Review and how ArPA should respond as an organization. After much discussion, four action steps were developed. First, the Board voted to draft a public response that, among other things,…

Links to Give Feedback and Suggestions Directly to APA

1. On the APA website related to the Report of the Independent Reviewer  http://www.apa.org/independent-review/index.aspx, a public comment section has now been added where anyone can add comments and those comments can be viewed by governance, members and the public. 2. There will also be a Town Hall Meeting at Convention on Saturday August 8 from…


APA Ethics Code

A National Hero: Psychologist Who Warned of Torture Collusion Gets Her Due

Story snippet taken from The Guardian Jean Maria Arrigo’s inbox is filling up with apologies. For a decade, colleagues of the 71-year-old psychologist ignored, derided and in some cases attacked Arrigo for sounding alarms that the American Psychological Association was implicated in US torture. But now that a devastating report has exposed deep APA complicity…