DSM-5: New Disorders, Old Paradigm Workshop

Friday, November 15, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Erick Messias 
UAMS Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Epidemiology
 and Medical Director, Walker Family Clinic

 We had a great turn out for this seminar, over 35 clinicians attended. The course was for clinicians who are already familiar with the DSM-IV-TR, its content, and its use. This presentation is solely to facilitate the transition from DSM-IV-TR to DSM-5 and is not intended as a basic course in DSM-5. The evolution of the DSM was covered. Then we looked at DSM5 revisions with a brief history of conceptual approaches. New developments and the intent of these to improve validity and a more etiologically-based classification system were discussed. New and eliminated disorders were reviewed.


Erick Messias, MD, on the DSM-V

Erick Messias, MD, on the DSM-V



Allen Sherman (Left) and Bob Doyle (Right)

We had a great turn-out… over 35 attend.

We had great facilities and plenty of space in St Vincents’ DePaul room

Joyce Fowler Awarding Jeremy Jinkerson the ArPA Student Scholarship