How is ArPA Responding to APA’s Independent Review?

Dear ArPA Membership


The Arkansas Psychological Association (ArPA) Executive Committee and the Board of Directors met Friday Afternoon, July 17th, to discuss the APA’s Independent Review and how ArPA should respond as an organization. After much discussion, four action steps were developed.

First, the Board voted to draft a public response that, among other things, will denounce psychologists’ involvement in acts of torture or torture programs. The Response will emphasize our memberships’ commitment to ethics, ethical treatment, human rights and our dedication to the mental well-being of those in Arkansas. The response will be posted on this list serve and across all social media platforms.

Second, since our Fall Conference schedule includes former APA President, Nadine Kaslow, PhD, as our keynote speaker, we decided to change the schedule, providing time for a town hall style discussion on the Hoffman Report. As you know, Dr. Kaslow will be hosting the APA Town Hall soon so she will have some experience in this venue. If by chance, she is unable or unwilling to host ArPA’s Town Hall at the conference, we’ll be searching for other qualified individuals who can explain the report, subsequent actions by APA, and any new developments that arise between now and the conference.

Third, we have created a separate blog page devoted to keeping members up-to-date on APA’s Independent Review. We’ve posted several resources on this issue and will continue do so as the issue unfolds. Please take advantage of this resource, and subscribe to the blog to receive email updates of new postings.

Fourth, and a little more tentatively, we will be looking into providing a seminar on ethics. Our Professional Development Chair, Betty Everette, and board members would like to host this event in the next two to three months, although it is contingent on several conditions.

We will continue our efforts to keep you informed on APA’s actions and ArPAs progress as we move forward with this plan. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions, concerns or suggestions.


Adam H. Benton, PhD
President – AR Psychological Association