On Hitting the Bulls-Eye While Missing the Point: Essay on APA’s Hoffman Project

On Hitting the Bulls-Eye While Missing the Point

An Essay on the American Psychological Association’s Hoffman Project

By Richard R. Kilburg, Ph.D.

This is a thoughtful analysis of the Hoffman Report and fall-out. I’ve provided a snippet here. For the full essay follow the link below. 

…Having completed my reading of the entire Hoffman Report and watching and reading the rising volume of email exchanges launched in anticipation of the Annual Convention of APA in Toronto this week and the associated meeting of its Council of Representatives, the policy making body of the organization, I wanted to offer some additional thoughts and responses based on what I have learned over the past several weeks.  I take full responsibility for the ideas, opinions, and words that follow.

He went on to say…

…My thesis is that Mr. Hoffman and his six colleagues performed the job for which they were hired by the Board of Directors of APA.  Having done that job, the members of the Association are left in its aftermath to make sense of what they did, how they did it, seemingly why they chose the approach they did, the context in which it happened, and what we now face as a discipline and as an organization.  Having done their job as they saw fit, I believe the Hoffman Report if read in a strongly deconstructed approach actually serves APA and the discipline very well.  If read widely from a narrow perspective, it may prove to be one of the most destructive events in the history of psychology.

Dr. Kilburg goes on to provide an impressive analysis of the report’s strengths and weakness. He demonstrates intricate historical understanding of APA and explores the philosophical differences between the investigative work of Hoffman and the scientific approach of psychologists. This is a great read!

On Hitting the Bulls Eye While Missing the Point by Richard R. Kilburg, Ph.D