Webinar: “Trauma Treatments for Very Young Children: PCIT and Child-Parent Psychotherapy”

“Trauma Treatments for Very Young Children: Patent-Child Interaction Therapy and Child-Parent Psychotherapy”


Please join us on November, 15th from 12:00-1:00 p.m. for the latest AR BEST Webinar

Presenters: Karin Vanderzee, PhD & Joy Pemberton, PhD

There are often two common misconceptions related to trauma and very young children—first, that very young children will not be affected by traumatic events, and second, that no treatments exist to effectively address their symptoms. However, research suggests that very young children may be affected by trauma and may sustain long-term effects.  Research also supports the use of particular interventions to treat trauma symptoms in children ages 0-5. This webinar will provide an overview of two evidence-based treatments for children ages 0-5 who have experienced trauma: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Child-Parent Psychotherapy.

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