Greetings ArPA Members,

I wanted to pass along exciting news for our fellow ArPA Member, Dr. Kevin Reeder.

Dr. Reeder has been working with the Residential PTSD program at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System in North Little Rock, Arkansas for the past 7 years. He and his staff have developed a wonderful treatment program designed to help Veterans overcome PTSD.   On Sunday, November 24th on “60 Minutes” at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central CBS will feature the great work that Dr. Reeder and our colleagues at the North Little Rock VA are doing.  The piece will highlight the hard work of many of our Veterans in their efforts to recover and lead healthy and rewarding lives.

Congratulations to Dr. Reeder and his staff!  This is a great testament to the important work you all are doing to help Veterans in our community.

Courtney O. Ghormley, Ph.D.
ArPA President