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ArPA Student Committee Initiative

The Arkansas Psychological Association (ArPA) is committed to the professional development of undergraduate and student students. We hope that you would consider joining ArPA! Membership is only $25 per year and there are numerous great reasons to become a member. One reason is to participate in a great initiative that would provide students with exposure to psychology professionals in the state. We value our student participation because students are the future of psychology and our association. Psychology professionals in Arkansas are represented in a variety of settings and have a wide range of areas of expertise. ArPA hopes to provide experiences to interested students including a one-time meeting, a series of meetings, shadowing opportunities, an internship experience, a presentation to students, or formal mentorship. If you, or a student you know, are interested in this initiative, please encourage them to reach out to ArPA! Contact information is 501-614-6500; office@arpapsych.org. E-mailing answers to the following questions would assist ArPA in determining the best fit for students.

Questions for Students

What school do you attend?
What is your major?
Who is your academic advisor?
What is your classification?
What type of experience are you looking for?
What would you like to do or get out of the experience?
What would like to do as a career?
Would you like to work with children or adults in your career or is this an area you are still considering?
Do you have a resume? If so, please submit this as well.
Would you be open to an unpaid experience?
What psychology courses have you taken?

Thank you for your interest in ArPA’s Student Initiative. We hope to connect you with a local psychologist¬†as soon as possible.

Arkansas Psychological Association